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an Aeversa branded electric vehicle charger
an Aeversa branded electric vehicle charger

Products & Services

Aeversa understands how EV’s integrate in to the African marketplace. We know how to specify hardware and train staff to speed up adoption lead times and ensure smooth operations.

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Fully serviced rental model

Smart software backed charging solutions.

Tough and effective 

Future proofed specifications.

Carefully considered charger placement.

Charger protection 
bollards and cages.

Full SLA packages
ensure 99% uptime.

Outright purchase + optional SLA​

Fully serviced rental model

Charging is our game

We offer chargers in two ownership structures:

EV Fleet Management

electric vehicle fleet management offered by Aeversa
    1. On site energy assessment.

    2. Installation specifications and planning.

    3. Charging pattern assessment.

    4. Charger location specification.

    5. Metering integration.

    6. Charger protection and driver assistance systems.

    • Future EV fleet expansion modeling.

    • Green energy specification.

    • EV fleet charging optimization.

    • Charger monitoring and fault resolution.

    • 99% guaranteed charger uptime.

    • Control your TCO with managing the cost of energy.

    • Control demand charges.

    • Control impact of grid constraints.

EV Chargers

electric vehicle chargers offered by Aeversa
  • Commercial chargers, are machines that can work, and deliver charging speeds that make EV driving effortless.

    Deal structures:​

    1. Outright Purchase + optional SLA

    2. Fully serviced rental model (CaaS).

    • 30 -500kW DC charging stations.

    • 300 -1000v DC supply.

    • OCPP1.6-2 compliant.

    • CCS2 charging standard.

    • IP56 rating minimum (outdoor use suitable).

    • -10 to + 50 degrees celsius operation.

    • 98% air humidity.

    • Pile units or DC reticulation.

    • AC-DC & DC-DC units (power from grid or direct solar).

    • Various payment platforms available. (Credit card, mobile phone nfc, plug and charge, mobile app, RFID).

    • Locally available  parts and support.

electric vehicles offered by Aeversa

Electric Vehicles

    • Aeversa partners with various OEM’s to bring the best fit for purpose EV’s to the right clients.

    • EV trials and reporting.

    • EV demos.

    • Aeversa offers fit for purpose EV trials to collect data specific to your fleets requirements.

    • Aeversa can also assist in the specification of EV suitable bodies and tail lifts.

    • Train drivers on EV driving and charging.

    • Ongoing refresher courses.

    • Train your training staff.

an electric vehcile charging plug

Let Aeversa guide your organization through the entire process and make EV fleet conversion stress free.

Aeversa has aligned its charging standards to comply with local and international standards to help futureproof hardware and ensure interoperability between software and hardware pieces in the EV charging ecosystem.